These New Year resolutions must be kept—if 2022 is going to be a success!

Join us as we welcome in the new year with a refreshed outlook and rejuvenated mission to support our ocean and rid the planet of plastic.

In 2022, we’re taking an even closer look at the impact of plastic, not only on the environment but human health. More importantly, we’re developing solutions so that even more communities, businesses, young people and policy makers can tackle plastic pollution.

What this means is: new tools and partnerships; governments, businesses, and island communities working together; scaling up our investment into the circular systems that end plastic waste at source; unlocking research funds so we can shine a light on how exposure to plastic affects our body; and reaching out to more young people than ever, to nurture the next generation of sea champions.

BUT, we can’t do it alone. We need you to take action too. Here are a few, important-for-the-future-of-our-planet resolutions, so that all of us can make 2022 the most impactful yet.

Work in government?

  • Set targets for plastic reduction and report on your progress
  • Mandate policies that radically reduce plastic production
  • Commit businesses to taking financial responsibility for the plastic they bring to market
  • Ensure every country manages its own plastic waste – on its own shores
  • Invest in scientific research to understand the impact of plastic on human health

Plastic producer?

  • Scale down - not up - your output of single-use plastic
  • Don't rely on recycling and waste management alone to stop pollution

Side note: Just 20 polymer producers are responsible for producing more than half of all single-use plastic waste globally.


Support us financially so we can:

  • Fund scientific research to understand the effects of plastic exposure on humans
  • Make sure every young person has the knowledge and courage to tackle plastic in their school, their life and their future
  • Invest in upstream solutions that stop plastic waste at source
  • Support committed businesses, governments and communities to act

Business owner?

  • Drive the innovation needed to provide us with goods and services that are zero waste
  • Be an active part of the circular economy movement
  • Let your stakeholders know why this is important to you

Someone who cares about the future of our planet?

  • Remember, you’re not a consumer, you’re a citizen of this world with a voice
  • Commit—at the ballot box, in the shops, in the school yard, in your life’s work—to standing up for the ocean and our planet

Two-thirds of New Year's resolutions get abandoned within a month. We're working towards these ones sticking. More to come!

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