Vertical garden

How can we grown vegetables in saline water?

Sailing to many low-lying remote islands over the years we witnessed how communities are being forced to adapt to environmental change. Many people spoke about how hard it had become to grow food on increasingly saline land. Forcing people to travel further and work longer hours to earn money to buy food they could once grow.

The Plastiki expedition gave an opportunity to build a vertical garden and test it during a very salty 8,000nm Pacific crossing. This garden grew 98 green vegetables. Species with high nutrient content and suitability for harsh conditions were selected. The water is circulated using a very low amp pump powered by a small solar panel (20x15cm). The structure was attached to the mizzenmast. A land-based structure can be made from locally source materials such as bamboo.

In collaboration with Inka Biospheric Systems and Plastiki