Co-designing Ocean Plastics Academy

Jo Royle Common Seas
By Jo Royle

With the recent surge in youth climate activism, it is more important than ever that we empower the next generation with the knowledge and tools they need to protect our oceans. Our Ocean Plastics Academy is designed to do just that.

You can find out more about the academy here but we thought it would be useful to explain how we developed the resources behind it.

A diverse collaboration

We set up a collaborative working group with a wide range of stakeholders, including teachers, marine and material scientists, brands, packaging designers and various independent organisations.

Our first job was simply to agree that the Ocean Plastics Academy was both necessary and could be practically useful. With this agreement in place, we developed academic and structured learning experiences that provided teachers with curriculum-aligned resources. These were designed not just to engage students but to equip our industry with aspiring talent to solve the ocean plastics crisis and ensure clean and resilient seas for the future.

Who, how and what

We were delighted to be hosted by Sandroyd School for two days, during which time we designed and wrote the Ocean Plastics Academy programme and curriculum. We worked with Encounter Edu (who specialise in bringing global topics into the classroom) as well as subject experts to further develop the content. We were careful to create resources that ‘plugged a gap’ and provided well-integrated year-on-year learning, instead of isolated one-off activities.

Head to the Ocean Plastics Academy.

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