In ground-breaking new research, we have found tiny pieces of plastic in human blood.

This finding is extremely concerning.

We think people should know about it. View our animation.

We have a plan to stop the plastic crisis, but we need your help. Join our crew to get involved.

Of the blood samples we’ve tested, 77% have come back positive for plastic.

No-one knows what this means for our health, but the scientists are worried.

The more plastic in our world, the greater our exposure. So, it’s extremely concerning that by 2040, plastic production is on track to double.

We have a right to know what all this plastic is doing to our bodies.

Sign our petition calling for urgent funding for more research.

The more we know about how plastic impacts our health, the more we can drive action. That’s why Common Seas is asking for urgent research into this issue. You can help.

Sign our petition to join over 80 ENGO’s, scientists and MPs in asking the UK Government to allocate £15m for plastics and health research.

We can’t afford to wait before we tackle the plastic crisis. Our exposure to plastic is increasing at such an incredible pace, we must accelerate our action too.

We need our governments to step up and protect us, their citizens. They must drive accountability and transparency – to set baselines, determine thresholds and agree targets. They need to mandate polices that radically reduce plastic production. Today, not in 2030.

We need plastic producers to be transparent and scale down their output of single-use plastic. Instead, they’re supercharging production and expecting us to believe more recycling will make it ok.

We need businesses to provide us with zero-waste products that are part of a circular economy. They must take full financial responsibility for the plastic they put onto the market.

And, finally, we  need to start behaving as citizens not just consumers. We must commit to the plastic-free future that we want – at the ballot box, in the shops and in our life’s work.

Common Seas can help with this: join our crew to take your activism to the next level.

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