In world-first science, we have found plastic in human blood.

This is shocking and extremely concerning.

We need to act now

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below and start making a difference.

Of the blood samples we’ve tested, 80% have come back positive for plastic. No-one knows what this means for our health, but the scientists are worried. The more plastic in our world, the greater our exposure. So, it’s extremely concerning that by 2040, plastic production is on track to double. We have a right to know what all this plastic is doing to our bodies.

What’s the solution?

To stop plastic getting into our bodies, we need to reduce the amount of plastic in our world. This requires commitment, focus and action from business, government and individuals.

We are asking funders, businesses, governments to fund urgent research into the impact of plastic on human health - can you help?can you help?

If you run a business or work in government, we need you to invest in plastic alternatives and reuse systems, and to take responsibility for plastic along its lifecycle. Common Seas has tools and services that do this – can we help you?

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